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  • Cold Cave (formed in 2007) is the stage name American electronic indie-rock and darkwave artist Wesley Eisold whom lends influences from the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode – hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

    Former vocalist of the hardcore bands Give Up the Ghost and Some Girls, Cold Cave represents Wesley Eisold’s earliest excursion into instrumentation. Born with one hand, electronic music production through synths and drum machines were seen as more accessible to the musician who released his earliest material on Dais Records. In 2008 Eisold issued his debut EP “Coma Potion” on Heartwood Records, which was followed by the full-length “Love Comes Close” in 2009. Led by the single “The Trees Grew Emotions and Died”, the record earned a host of esteemed reviews and spawned the subsequent singles “The Laurels” and “Life Magazine”.

    A pair of EPs followed in 2010, the first a split release with Prurient entitled “Stars Explode” and the second a collection of remix for his track “Life Magazine”. The following year Cold Cave issued the sophomore studio album “Cherish the Light Years” on Matador Records. Earning posistive reviews from the likes of Pitchfork Media, the album spawned the singles “The Great Pan Dead”, “Villains of the Moon”, and “Confetti” / “Believe in My Blood”.

    Initially intended to feature on an upcoming album, the singles “A Little Death to Laugh”, “Oceans with No End”, “God Made the World”, “Black Boots”, and “Nausea, The Earth and Me” appeared in 2012 and 2013. The following year Cold Cave issued a pair of compilations “Cremations” and “Full Cold Moon” both of which collected his most thoughtful and challenging tracks to appeal to a larger audience.