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  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is an indie rock originally from Philadelphia which currently consists of Alec Ounsworth and Matt Wong.

    The band members initially met at Connecticut College in 2004 and formed CYHSY shortly after, they were one of the first bands to receive their commercial break through the internet after posting demos that were well received by their early fan and a small handful of critics.In turn this gained them attention from attention from record label Witchita who released their self titled debut in 2005.

    Their indie rock sound was met really well by larger publications upon the release of their debut. It achieved a Metacritic score of 84/100 indicating universal acclaim after the likes of Pitchfork and Billboard gave the album near perfect scores. CYHSY then gained more attention from press when pop icons David Bowie and David Byrne were spotted in the audience of the supporting shows. It also broke the top 40 of the UK album charts where the band had a strong following.

    The follow-up in 2007 was titled 'Some Loud Thunder' and it just appeared in the UK album chart at #40 and appeared on the US Billboard chart at #47 after strong first week album sales. However this album wasn't as well received by critics, and the band didn't receive the support by publications they had enjoyed on their first.

    In 2009 they announced a public hiatus so the band could work on other musical projects. They reformed in 2011 and released 'Hysterical'. In 2014 they released 'Only Run' which features the new single 'Coming Down'.