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  • Casper (born September 25, 1982) is the stage name of German-born self-proclaimed “emo-rapper” Benjamin Griffey who rose to the German mainstream with his sophomore album “XOXO”, hailing from Bösingfeld, Germany.

    Born in the German village of Bösingfeld to a German mother and American father, Griffey moved to Augusta, Georgia, U.S. after two weeks of life. Living in a trailer park until the age of 11, it was then the future rapper returned to Germany with his mother and younger sister. Having immersed himself in the hard rock and hip-hop scene in the States, Griffey began developing his rhyming talents and formed the metalcore band, a Fear Called Treason.

    After parting way with the band, the rapper released his debut mixtape “Die Welt Hört Mich” in 2006 on the 667 label. The record was supported by two years of constant touring throughout Germany, following which Casper issued his debut studio album “Hin Zur Sonne” once again on 667 Records. Despite not propelling the musician to the German mainstream, the record proved popular in underground circles and led to Casper signing with Selfmade Records. In 2009, Griffey, alongside fellow rappers and label mates Kollegah, Favorite, and Shiml, released the album “Chronik 2”.

    By October 2010 the rapper had departed Selfmade Records and signed with German label Four Music. Casper’s debut release on the label was the 2011 album “XOXO”, which earning Gold certification in Germany, propelled the rapper to German rap consciousness. The record subsequently won the 2012 ECHO award for Best Hip-Hop/Urban album, and was followed by his third full-length “Hinterland” in 2013.