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  • Ben Westbeech better known by his stage name Breach is a British DJ/producer whose sound touches on a leveled mixture of jazz, hip-hop, soul, psychedelic rock, and house. Westbeech was born on 12 May 1981 and was raised in Hertfordshire; however, his music career is rooted in Bristol.

    Though Westbeech might best be known for his work with turntables and computers, slicing and piecing sounds together in interesting ways, he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who has received training for both vocal and cello performance. His technical background as well as his knack for improvisation (heavily influenced by his interest in jazz) constantly peers through his compositions and endows him with an edge unmatched by his contemporaries.

    By the time Westbeech adopted his moniker Breach he was already somewhat of a veteran in the music industry. He had been composing and releasing material years before. One of his first big successes was with the single “So Good Today”. Two months after giving this single to his friend she played it for the renowned DJ/record collector Gilles Peterson who immediately took to the track and subsequently offered him a contract with his label Brownswood Recordings.

    Westbeech put out his studio debut “Welcome To the Best Years of Your Life” through this label in 2007. This effort was indicative of the other releases on the label, but had its own distinctive personality, emanating styles ranging from downtempo, neo soul and future jazz. Westbeech’s sophomore album came out in 2011 through the label Strictly Rhythm. In between these studio LPs he issued a large number of singles and EPs several under his alter ego Breach.

    One of his first official releases as Breach was the 2010 single “Fatherless”, which delved into Drum N’ Bass textures and basement electonica circulating around the UK. Westbeech’s 2nd single, which was a collaborative release with T Williams came out through the label PTN as did it’s predecessor.

    In 2012 Westbeech was releasing material through his own label Naked Naked. In 2013 he was featured on the Studio !K7 released mixtape DJ-Kicks and also put out the single “Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)” ft. Andreya Triana through Warner Bros. Records.

    Through the label Dirtybird he put out his most commercially accepted release to date, the single Jack, which was his first track to break into the UK top 10. This breakout song not only caught the attention of electro-dance enthusiasts it also sparked interest amongst many well respected artist. Kelis was one of these musicians and in 2014 he collaborated with her for the infectiously catchy single “The Key”.