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  • Boyce Avenue have been present since 2004 after forming in Sarasota, Florida, U.S. The Puerto Rican-American rock band dabble in the genres of Pop Rock, Power Pop and Alternative Music and are the founders of the label '3 Peace Records'

    The band keeps it in the family, in this case the Manzano family. The three brothers (youngest to oldest) Alejandro, Fabian and Enrique have been singing from a young age and once they had become adolescents would go on to successfully form the band known as Boyce Avenue.

    The formation came about after the oldest brother Enrique graduated from Harvard Law school, while Alejandro and Fabian were still studying at the university of Florida. They however did not manage to finish and the brothers began focusing on their sound.

    The guys are not only talented but very intuitive and have released many songs and even their first album 'All you're Meant to Be' under their very own record company '3 Peace Records' which the boys themselves started in 2006, showing just how ready they were to conquer the globe.

    The band gained popularity in 2007 when they began posting videos online on the popular website 'YouTube'. The band initially became known through their various, extremely well edited covers of many popular and known songs but they soon began to gain even more attention, when they posted videos of their original songs. The band has seen much success online and as of 2014, combining the total amount of views from both of their YouTube channels: BoyceAvenueExtras and BoyceAvenue has seen the band reach 1 billion views and over 4 million subscribers, putting them in the top 5 five bands subscribed to on 'Youtube'.

    The bands wealth of fans, speaks for itself as they have collectively headlined over 20 shows around the globe and even opened for the European Music Awards show in Belfast 2011. The band is also good friends with 'One Direction' as they not only share fans but they have also shared a stage as Boyce Avenue opened for them on their 'Up All Night' tour.

    In 2010 Boyce Avenue signed with 'Universal Republic' releasing their debut album under them titled 'All We Have Left' this album contains reworked versions of songs from their prior album 'All You're Meant To Be' this album reached number 7 on the US Heat charts and gained the band positive acclaim.

    Boyce Avenue are no longer signed with Universal as of August 9, 2011 and produce their music independently through the label they so carefully created.