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  • Bob Weir is a singer, songwriter and bandleader hailing from San Francisco, California, United States who was born on October 16th, 1947. While most famous as a member of The Grateful Dead from 1963 to 1995, he has also played in bands like Kingfish, RatDog and Furthur.

    Weir joined The Grateful Dead at the age of 16, after hearing Jerry Garcia playing the banjo on New Years Eve, 1963. Originally, the band formed as a jug band but after each member of the group got into The Beatles, the band morphed into the psychedelic jam band that we know today. For the band's thirty year history Weir was their lead singer and rhythm guitarist, and the the early seventies, the band had become such an institution that the members began to release their own solo albums outside of the band's activity. Weir released his first of two efforts in 1972, beginning with “Ace” and continuing with 1978's “Heaven Help The Fool”, however, Weir's work outside of the dead was characterised by forming other bands more than anything else, most successfully joining Matthew Kelly to form Kingfish in 1975.

    Tragically, Garcia passed away in 1995, leading to the dissolution of The Dead, but Garcia busied himself with his band RatDog, who came together shortly after Garcia's passing and were active until 2010. Only a musician and bandleader of Weir's calibre could have secure the sheer quality of guests that the band played with over the years, collaborating with the likes of Joan Baez, Les Claypool and Sammy Hagar among many others. However, in January 2015, it was announced that Weir was to get back together with the remaining members of The Dead to see off the band properly at their fiftieth anniversary with three nights at Chicago's Soldier Field stadium. Along with Garcia, Weir was one of the key minds behind one of the most beloved bands in American rock, and for that, he comes highly recommended.