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  • Blue Öyster Cult - or BOC- are an American rock band from Long Island, New York in America who formed in 1967.

    Blue Öyster Cult's current members are vocalists Donald Roeser, Eric Bloom, Jules Radino on drums, Richie Castellano on the keyboards and rhythm guitar and Kasim Sulton on the bass guitar.

    The band started out in 1967 with various different members, they named themselves "Soft White Underbelly". However this was eventually changed to Blue Oyster Cult in 1971.

    Their self titled debut album was released in 1972 and included songs "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll", "Stairway to the Stars", and "Then Came the Last Days of May". Their debut album was highly successful and subsequently led them to tour with The Byrds, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Alice Cooper.

    Blue Öyster Cult went on to release their first live album, named, "On Your Feet or on Your Knees" in 1975, which impressively went gold.

    After a string of success the band hit a brick wall when members started to leave and go solo, their album reached just 83 in the charts. They picked up after finding new members and enjoyed more success.

    Since the release of their memorable debut album in 1972, the band has sold over 24 million albums around the world, with 7 million being sold in America alone. As well as this Blue Öyster Cult's music videos are highly regarded, achieving heavy rotation on MTV when the station first came about.