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  • Bleached are a band based in Los Angeles, California, United States who formed in 2011. Since forming they have released one studio album in 2013 along with three E.P’s, and have become one of the most exciting bands on the California indie rock scene.

    Forming from the ashes of a noise punk band also based around Los Angeles called Mika Miko, Bleached are made up of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin. Jennifer used to sing in Mika Miko but for as long as she’d been able to play guitar, she’d been writing songs with her sister who did the same. After the dissolution of Jennifer’s previous band in 2009 she took some time off from playing music, moving to New York to study fashion design. However, she couldn’t stay away from music for long, and after spending most of 2010 and early 2011 playing keyboards for Cold Cave, she returned to Los Angeles with the intention of forming a proper band with her sister. The Clavin’s put together Bleached, and after recruiting a rhythm section they debuted in June 2011 supporting bands like Hunx & His Punx.

    A year after they debuted they had only released a couple of singles and an E.P, and they’d already made a worldwide name for themselves, headlining sold out shows all over their native country and Europe. Their debut album “Ride Your Heart” was released in 2013 and ever since then they have remained one of the most vital acts in the indie-pop/garage rock revival. With tours with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Japandroids under their belt and the indie rock world at their feet, Bleached come highly recommended.