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  • AWOLNATION is an electronic rock band formed by frontman Aaron Bruno in 2009. The band originates from Los Angeles, US.

    Frontman Aaron Bruno, before forming AWOLNATION, was lead singer of a number of bands including Under the Influence of Giants, Hometown Hero and Insurgence, which led Red Bull Records to invite Aaron to use their studio to record a few tracks. The move away from bands to a solo project allowed Aaron to have all of the creative control and include very personal songs to him.

    The name AWOLNATION derives from Aaron’s nickname during high-school: AWOL referring to the slang military acronym ‘Absent Without Ordered Leave’ due to the fact he was never very fond of saying goodbye to people so would just leave without word.

    AWOLNATION’s debut album “Megalithic Symphony” was released in March 2011 on Red Bull Records, including the songs “Sail”, “Not Your Fault” and “Kill Your Heroes”. The song “Sail” peaked at number 10 in the US Billboard Rock Songs chart, achieved platinum status in the U.S. and six-times platinum in Canada. The song is instantly recognisable, with a selection of huge drops and melodic turns, not to mention the unofficial video has over 135,000,000 views on Youtube.

    The band’s popularity is likely due to the genre-blurring style of music they play, accessibly obscure, drawing on a whole host of influences from Radiohead’s “OK Computer” to Justice’s “Cross” from dubstep to metal. AWOLNATION’s powerful production of sound, combining catchy lyrics, well-placed drops with an upbeat style, has meant the band has received lots of radio airplay and been the soundtrack to a laundry list of TV shows, commercials and Youtube videos, including House, The Good Wife, Iron Man 3 and Pretty Little Liars.