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  • Artyom Stolyarov was born on the 18th of September 1989 in Engels, Russia. When he was 19 years old he took his nickname Arty, used it as a stage name for his electronica project, and became one of the hottest names in modern trance music.

    It’s strange to think how little that the country of Russia seems to have contributed to mainstream popular music. After the classical greats like Stravinsky and Prokofiev, the closest we’ve come is Regina Spektor, who was born in Moscow, Russia but that hardly counts.

    However, in the form of Arty we have an artist who could be the one to change all that. Stolyarov made a name for himself first when he was 19, at first collaborating with fellow DJ and remixer Misha Kitone for his early singles but then releasing his first solo E.P on the Enhanced Progressive label.

    The E.P, entitled “Vanilla Sky” was enough to get him noticed by many other DJ’’s across the world, most notably English collective Above & Beyond, who signed him to their label Anjunabeats. Since then, Arty has remained an almost impossibly prolific artist. The man has produced a back catalogue of over 35 singles, not to mention countless remixes for the likes of Ferry Corstein and London Grammar.

    He also balances his work as a DJ on the decks with gainful employment as a DJ on the radio, having a monthly residency on his labels show Anjunabeats worldwide. He also has his own show on Sirius XM Radio’s channel BPM titled the Together We Are Radio Show that branches out into a podcast of the same name.

    This has not gone unnoticed either. One year after his debut, Arty was listed in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs feature and has been nominated for a number of International Dance Music Awards. Sitting pretty as one of the worlds most acclaimed DJs and remixers, Arty is at the top of his game and can only go up from here. What comes next is going to be pretty amazing, so let’s be there to see it shall we?