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  • Anathema are a British progressive rock band. They formed in Liverpool, England in 1990, and their music has run the gamut stylistically, from death/doom in their early days to progressive and symphonic rock more recently.

    Originally known as Pagan Angel upon their formation, they were comprised of three brothers - Vincent, Daniel and Jamie Cavanagh - as well as drummer John Douglas and singer Darren White. The current lineup is comprised of Vincent on rhythm guitar, Daniel playing lead, Jamie on bass - after a ten year absence between 1991 and 2001 - Douglas now on keyboards, his brother Lee on vocals, and Daniel Cardoso behind the drum kit. They’ve slowly transitioned not just through various lineups and reshuffles - Vincent originally took on vocal duties after White left in 1995 - but also through different genres, too, with their death/doom origins gradually giving way to a gothic metal period in the nineties and then, more recently, into full-blown progressive rock.

    Despite all this upheaval, they’ve continued to tour and record with a sizeable cult fanbase keeping them going, and they remain a fixture on the European tour circuit. Their tenth album, ‘Distant Satellites’, was released in 2014, and incorporates aspects of all of their different sounds to date, underpinned by an undercurrent of new prog. The record was met with unanimous critical acclaim, with the reviews aggregator Metacritic awarding it an average score of 81.