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  • Afroman, otherwise known as Joseph Edgar Foreman is an American rapper originating from Palmdale, California known worldwide for his hit single 'Because I Got High'.

    The rapper and musician is best known for his hit single 'Because I Got High' which was released in 2001. He showed signs of musical interests when he sold his first tape whilst in the eighth grade featuring a rap about a teacher who got Foreman removed from the school for sagging his pants.

    In 1998, Afroman released his first full length album 'My Fro-losophy', he later relocated to Mississippi where he met drummer Jody Stallone, Bass player Darrell Havard and future producer Tim Ramenofsky. The latter produced his second record 'Because I Got High', it's main promotional methods were touring and the file sharing site Napster. The title track was later played on The Howard Stern Show.

    The song went on to become a worldwide hit in late 2001, it was featured in several high profile films including The Perfect Score, Disturbia and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, to add to the accolades the single went on to earn Afroman a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance in 2002. Leading on from this, the rapper went on the join the line up of Cypress Hill's 'Smoke Out' festival. He went on to sign a six album deal with Universal who released a compilation record titled 'The Good Times' which included picks from the rapper's first two LPs and some new material.

    He never managed to achieve the success of that release commercially yet he continued to consistently release full length albums along with other material that surfaced online. In 2014 he remixed 'Because I Got High' to support the efforts to legalise marijuana in the US.