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  • Above and Beyond is a British EDM group formed in London, UK in 2000. The trio consists of Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness, and Paavo Siljamäki.

    Grant and Siljamäki were college buddies at the University of Westminster and formed the label Ajunabeats in the summer of 1999. The label produced music under the names “Dirt Devils,” “Free State,” and the label name “Ajunabeats.” The first single under Ajunabeats called “Volume One” garnered the attention of Warner Music Group’s Tony McGuiness. Together with Grant and Siljamäki, McGuiness decided to collaborate on a remix of Chakra’s song “Home.” Thus, Above and Beyond was born.

    The group was fundamentally known to produce remixes of hit songs, notably “What It Feels Like For a Girl” by Madonna in 2001. At the time, they also worked with artists Adamski, Fragma, Delerium, and Japanese artist Ayumi Hamaski.

    Following the collab with Hamaski, Above and Beyond was introduced to a huge audience in Tokyo in 2002 and their popularity expanded soon thereafter. Madonna commissioned the trio to remix another song “Nobody Knows Me.”

    It was not until 2006 that the trio decided to release an album of original songs entitled “Tri-State” which shook up the EDM and trance music industry. They received much love and attention in the UK and from ULTRA festival site, Miami, FL. The single “Air For Life” was concluded to be Tune of the Year in 2005 by the radio show “State of Trance.” The following year “Good for Me” featuring Zoë Johnston was declared Tune of the Year for 2006. The song “Alone Tonight” with Richard Bedford won the best trance track of 2006 at the 22nd International Dance Music Awards in Miami.

    On 6 June 2011 Above and Beyond’s sophomore album “Group Therapy” was released with vocals by Richard Bedford and Zoë Johnston. It reached #1on the iTunes Dance Album chart. The album contains both fast-paced trance and mellower rhythms. The hits “Thing Called Love” and “Sun and Moon” both featuring Bedford became favorites on the airwaves in the UK.

    Above and Beyond hosts a weekly radio show called Group Therapy Radio, and celebrated their 100th episode in October 2014 at Madison Square Garden in New York, U.S. The name Above and Beyond comes from a poster by American motivational trainer Jono Grant’s motto “Above and Beyond.”