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  • Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, 2manyDJs, consisting of the two brothers, David and Stephen Dewaele, deliver off-kilter mash-ups and bizarrely eclectic mixes that make them amongst the most 'out there' DJs today.

    The brothers originally formed the electronica band, Soulwax, starting to make music under this moniker in 1995. They created a DJ show on Belgian national radio called 'Hang The DJ,' which displayed their eclectic knowledge of music, creating mixes that had everything from Grandmaster Flash, to the Beastie Boys to Herbie Hancock to AC/DC, making mash-ups of a vast array of artists.

    Having conquered Belgian and Dutch fans, they moved to break into the London, UK scene, creating head-turning sets for Xfm radio as well as performing at clubs in the capital. Their album releases became hugely popular, gaining them significant popularity, as well as producing number of high profile remixes for artists which broadened their audience. Their album, "Much Against Everyone's Advice" was a huge success, breaking into the top 40 in the UK.

    Performing as 2manyDJs, their extensive use of sampling made it difficult for them to produce music legally, having to pay off an extensive number of royalties to various artists. "As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2," in 2002, became their first official and legal release, having huge influence on the dance music scene, inspiring new DJs to create genre-bending mash-ups.

    Their "2 Many DJs" record features tracks such as a mix of Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" alongside 10CC's "Dreadlock Holiday," or the Stooge's "No Fun" with Salt 'N' Pepa's "Push It." Their music is humorous yet these tongue-in-cheek mash-ups are all laden with groove and top-drawer production, making for an exciting listen, making a mockery of the word 'genre.'